Wine Picnic Backpacks

Wine Picnic Backpacks

We’ve all heard the classic line of poetry that goes “a loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou…” but when it comes to toting that loaf, jug, and yourself into a distant picnic location, it can get very tiring. Consider that a couple hoping for a quiet, private, and peaceful place to enjoy a wine picnic will still have to carry the foods and gear needed. For example, what will they sip their wine from? What will they nibble their bread and cheese from? How will they slice that bread? What about napkins and a tablecloth?

All of these issues are easily resolved through the use of our different wine picnic backpacks. These are packs that are designed to work exactly like classic picnic baskets, but rely on the much more efficient and portable style of the backpack instead. This doesn’t mean that you are jamming everything into a big open pack, however, because our wine picnic backpacks come with some of the most excellent design options imaginable.

Most feature an exterior pocket that is equipped with straps and sleeves capable of holding all of your table settings in place (even wine glasses and a corkscrew) while you hike over the most rugged terrain, but will also protect everything (including a full bottle of wine) from breakage as well.

For example, our London backpacks come in a nice array of styles that will all provide a simple and easy way to carry a bottle of wine and the full contents of a picnic. The London Picnic Backpack with Blanket for 2 features an exterior wine sleeve, a blanket roll, cutting board, cheese knife, corkscrew, plates, and flatware for two. It also has the insulated compartment to keep fruit, cheese and foods cool as well. On the “flip side” is the gorgeous London Coffee Backpack for 2 that will easily tote that jug of wine and loaf of bread thanks to the exterior sleeves and ample storage space, but it also has a special compartment for a thermos of hot coffee and adds mugs to the lineup of serving pieces (as well as two wine glasses). This means that you can sip your wine, dine on your favorite foods, and finish the picnic with fresh hot coffee!

You will find that our wine picnic backpacks come in a nice range of colors and designs, and that many belong to larger collections that offer everything from coordinating seats and blankets to additional carrying pieces.