Wine Coolers

Wine Bottle Coolers

If you are someone who likes to head to a local park, an outdoor concert, the nearest beach, or up into a hiking trail, you probably also like picnicking in those areas. Unfortunately, the methods for transporting foods can be so difficult and cumbersome that we limit what we take and miss out on some of our favorites. This is why we recommend that wine enthusiasts explore our many options in wine bottle coolers.

While you will find a huge number of styles and designs for transporting single bottles, you should know that we also make larger coolers, backpacks, and totes that are capable of carrying several bottles along with food and all kinds of essential wine accessories.

Let’s start with a quick look at the individual wine bottle coolers to understand their great appeal. For this example, let’s say that you want to serve a really great red wine with a picnic you have packed for some friends. If you insert the bottle into the cooler with the rest of the food, you know it will change the experience of drinking it and may not let the wine really “shine through”. How do you remedy the situation? You could toss the bottle into the tote bag used for the cushions and linens, but what about the risks of breakage? Why not simply explore the listings for single wine bottle coolers at our site?

Here you can find an amazing number of styles, but each will protect the bottle, make it easy and attractive to carry, and usually provide you with an accessory pocket that can hold the opener, cork, and other essentials. There are also options for two and three bottle carriers of this kind, and with all of the same appealing features. While the polycanvas bags are very attractive, we also have gorgeous willow basket styles too.

What if you want the wine to be chilled with the food? We make an equally impressive number of wine backpacks and totes available as well. These put the bottles in the same insulated compartment as the food and ensure that everything remains at the best temperature for proper flavor and enjoyment.

Many of our wine bottle coolers also come with glasses, cheese boards and knives, and other serving pieces and are ideally suited for times when you are savoring the wine more than the food.

We suggest that any wine enthusiasts explore these options as they begin acquiring their picnicking gear and baskets too.