Picnic Baskets for 6

If you are planning to host a picnic for six people, you’ve probably already started to worry about the technicalities and challenges of the event. After all, you need at least six place settings in addition to things like napkins, wine glasses, and the food of course! This may trouble you a bit because it will present images of several different totes and/or coolers and the risks of forgotten items and foods.

Never fear! Our line of picnic baskets for 6 will provide you with a nearly “one stop” solution for all of your picnic worries. We have traditional willow “hampers” that are designed to accommodate all of the needs of a meal for six in any location. This means that your beach, urban, or local park picnic will be a breeze. It also means that you will pull off the entire event with top-notch style as well.

Just consider our Entourage Picnic Basket for 6. It is a fully-lined willow basket with a hefty and tremendously strong handle. It comes equipped with a cutting board, corkscrew, cheese knife, salt and pepper set, food storage containers, and serving pieces for six people. Toss in the napkins and food and you are on your way!

We also have an “enhanced” basket for six diners. This is our Provence Enhanced Picnic Basket for 6. This comes with all of the same excellent features as our other picnic baskets for 6 with the addition of napkins and beverage mugs instead of wine glasses. This basket also has chains that hold the lid in place without allowing it to over extend and ruin the basketry. This is a truly classic design that is meant to withstand decades of outdoor use, and dining.

Does this mean that you can fit all that is necessary for six dinners into one of the picnic baskets for 6? It does, but we are also happy to offer some beautifully coordinating pieces as well. For example, if you think everyone in your party would enjoy a bottle or can of beer, we have attractive six pack holders that will keep the beverages cold without also taking up all of that space in your picnic basket.

When you find yourself “making do” with a few different picnic sets instead of enjoying the convenience of a single basket, consider one of our elegant and attractive picnic baskets for 6 as the ideal solution for your needs!