Picnic Baskets for 2

Picnic Baskets for 2

What is the best solution for the times when it is “just the two of you” headed out for a picnic? Do you try to squeeze everything that you need into a single-sized lunch box or individual cooler? Do you heft your family-sized picnic basket along instead? If you answered yes to either question, it is likely that our line of picnic baskets for 2 is going to give you the optimal solution to your needs.

Like our other lines of baskets, our array of picnic baskets for 2 is comprehensive, stylish, and designed to meet almost any taste or personal style. For instance, let’s say that you are a fan of wine, cheese, and a bit of fruit somewhere in the neighborhood park. Our different “wine and cheese” baskets are the ideal solution. They are made in a rounded barrel shape and feature the classic woven body and handles of old-fashioned basketry. They contain everything from wine glasses and a corkscrew to small plates and a cheese knife as well.

We are also happy to offer picnic hampers in the classic design, but in a much more suitable size. These too might be fully equipped with cutlery, salt and pepper shakers, plates, and even a cutting board and napkins.

We also have styles that look like traditional “two handled” baskets but which are made to be collapsible for easy storage as well. These are usually fully insulated and come in gorgeous solid colors or prints. They are made from polycanvas with durable handles, are insulated and water proof, feature a sealable lid, and come equipped with a large array of exterior pockets meant for plates, cutlery and more.

Clearly this means that you need to have a basic idea of the type of basket you hope to find, and then to conduct your search of our extensive listing of picnic baskets for 2 using that criteria. For example, let’s say that you didn’t want a willow basket with fabric liner, but instead hoped to use an aluminum framed basked with a cooler lining in the body. You would be able to easily find such a basket among our listings and in an array of fabrics and designs.

If you have determined that picnic baskets for 2 are a good “fit” to your picnicking needs, you will be delighted by the array of options here. Remember that many of them belong to picnic collections and this means you can find wine totes, seating, blankets, and additional accessories in matching prints or colors.