Picnic Baskets for 1

Donít fool yourself into thinking that picnic backpacks for 1 sound depressing. They are not in the least little bit upsetting, and you can see for yourself when you put one to use. picnic backpacks for 1 could be said to be a fancier term for a lunchbox, but they are actually much more sophisticated, functional, and good looking than your average lunch tote.

Instead, these are specially designed baskets that contain all of the cutlery needed for a single diner, a zippered exterior pouch to hold a napkin and small containers of condiments such as salt or pepper, and an adjustably sized main body into which the rest of the meal is placed.

Our Metro Uno Picnic backpacks for 1 come in a rainbow array of colors and are perfectly sized for a snack in the park, your lunch in the garden, or for bringing a meal with you when visiting or socializing with friends. The fabric lid on the container makes it easier than ever to tuck a single-sized bottle of wine, a container or water, a small baguette, or a large banana without worrying about breakage or the need for extra containers.

This is why the picnic backpacks for 1 are an optimal solution. Unlike rigid lunch boxes or totes, the baskets allow for a large array of different food items to be tucked inside. Because of this, the owner gets optimal flexibility without also having to bring along a loose bag or extra carrier for the items that a different basket might have failed to contain.

The picnic backpacks for 1 are also a great solution for the couple who wanted to enjoy a bit of coffee and desert in a spot other than their own home. This is because the basket is the ideal size for a small thermos of hot coffee and a few delicious treats.

Another great feature about a single-sized picnic basket is that it is very light in weight and easy to store anywhere in the average kitchen cabinet or cupboard. This will often make it the perfect solution for storing other outdoor dining gear as well. For example, you will probably find yourself tucking your favorite portable beverage containers into this adorable picnic basket in order to save storage space and to make things more convenient.

When considering your next lunch box purchase, donít settle for the plain and ordinary and instead consider using a picnic basket for 1 instead.