Picnic Baskets

Picnic Baskets

There is something extra special about the look of a woven picnic basket, but there is also a tremendous amount of appeal to today's modern durable fabric baskets too. Fortunately, our large array of picnic baskets makes it easy for anyone to find the perfect choice for their needs.

We offer up the "classic" picnic hampers that feature stylish basketry, sturdy handles, and interiors lined with decorator fabrics and the straps and loops necessary to hold your complete set of dishes and serving ware in place. We also have totally contemporary baskets that can be used by an individual (a Picnic Basket for 1) or massive baskets that can handle the needs of four diners as well.

What differentiates our picnic baskets from the rest of the totes or coolers is that they all feature oversized handles or use the suitcase style that was once considered the only way for a picnic hamper to function.

Does this mean that the picnic baskets are designed more for their good looks than their good functions? Not at all! Consider that we have aluminum framed cooler baskets that contain barbecue gear and utensils, but which are also capable of holding all of the cold foods that will accompany the grilled meats and foods dished up at the picnic. We also have elegant wine and cheese baskets that are round in shape and suited to a lovely afternoon snack for two. Though these are both good-looking baskets, they have a tremendous amount of functionality and durability too.

If you are someone who is always packing up a picnic for your family outings, however, we do recommend investing in one of the larger baskets that can often come equipped with all of the serving pieces necessary for groups of four or more. Such baskets appear in the old-fashioned woven looks and in the totally modern fabric and aluminum framed designs.

When choosing picnic baskets such as this, however, be sure to select the materials most suited to your needs. For example, our Springtime Elite basket for four people comes with machine washable plates, flatware, and wine glasses. This is something ideally suited for a group of four adults while our Oxford Picnic basket for four with plastic cups and plates in colorful patterns of gingham, red, white, and blue is much more appropriate for the needs and demands of a family with younger kids.

Clearly, we can provide you with all kinds of picnic baskets, but it is best to choose one that suits your style as much as your needs.