Picnic Packs for 2

Picnic Backpacks for 2

We know that a lot of people prefer a classic woven basket when making a picnic for two people. After all, it is the height of romance to tote a very attractive hamper to a picnic blanket and then slowly set out the many wonderful things hidden inside, but a wicker basket isn’t always the most appropriate gear.

For instance, can you imagine hauling a woven basket through the woods during a day of hiking, walking, or bicycling? Not at all! This, however, does not mean that you cannot enjoy a complete picnic with all of the same serving pieces and foods. Our picnic backpacks for 2 are an ideal solution for the times when you want to dine in style, but cannot manage a traditional picnic tote.

We have an impressive range of options meant to meet the needs of adults and kids alike. We also have styles for those who prefer to carry coffee and wine with them on their travels, and styles for those who want to remain as “hands free” as possible while they make their way to their destination.

What does that mean? Consider our popular picnic backpacks for 2 such as Adventurer Brighton Coffee Backpack, our Bold Picnic Backpack, our Hamptons Coffee Backpack, and our Java Mountain Coffee & Tea Backpack for 4. Each of these packs comes with two exterior sleeves meant to carry bottles of wine, large coffee thermoses, and picnic blankets. The interiors are fitted with all of the serving pieces and accessories necessary for two to four diners, and all you need to do is add the food and the destination.

Picnicking in the outdoors or at a spot that requires some hiking or travel should not be an impossible quest. Using our picnic backpacks for 2 or 4 diners can allow you to carry as much as possible, without a lot of difficulty, and yet to also do so in comfort and tremendous style.

Whether you are looking to spare your back from the strains of lugging and carrying larger baskets or if you want to be able to move freely and easily as you make your way to your picnicking destination, any of our picnic backpacks for 2 will be able to provide you with the kind of storage, portability, efficiency, and great looks that you desire. Remember that many of our packs come in a range of colors and can often belong to one of our picnic collections, meaning that you can find matching and coordinating pieces such as folding seats, blankets, and more.