Picnic Backpacks

Picnic Backpacks

What is the ultimate way to enjoy a meal while you are out on the trail? It is through the use of one of our picnic backpacks of course! We offer an enormous line of backpacks that can serve from two to six diners and which can contain everything from wine glasses and bottle holders, to cooking gear and even a built in radio!

When considering which of our many picnic backpacks to choose, it is best to start with the sort of backpacking you actually have in mind. For example, are you thinking about heading out for a day on the trail or on a long bike ride? Our true two-strap backpacks are the ideal choice. These will give you optimal balance and comfort, but will also hold everything that you need for a stylish and tasty meal. We have the smaller picnic backpacks for two such as our Timberline and Metropolitan packs, and we even have several models intended to provide two people with coffee or tea as well (and which have thermoses and insulated mugs).

For the times when you are doing an urban picnic with some friends or simply want to be able to serve more people while hiking nearby trails, we also have the Stratton, Han****, Homestead, and Classic picnic backpacks for four people too. These packs will be a bit larger and heavier, but will contain everything from plates and cutlery, to wine bottle storage and serving ware too.

Our line of picnic backpacks is extensive and you can find some very simple models that offer full insulation, or you can find the completely outfitted packs that will ask for little more than the food and beverages in order to be fully stocked for the day.

It is very important, however, to consider comfort and conditions. Though all of the packs are meant to be worn during movement and activities, it is not always advisable to consider carrying an entire picnic for four or six people while doing rigorous climbing. If you know that you will be toting all of the food and gear for a group of people, we recommend that you consider dividing the weight between two picnic backpacks carried by more than a single person.

Fortunately, we have extremely high quality packs meant for two and which would allow you to comfortably carry all of the items needed for a full meal, from the wine to the coffee, and everything in between!