Insulated Picnic Backpacks

Insulated Picnic Backpacks

If you are someone who frequently uses a backpack to carry your gear or to enjoy trips into the woods, you know that the pack itself can create a lot of heat along the back of your body. This is especially true if the weather is warm or if the hike is very long and strenuous. This means that the contents of your pack often get quite heated up as well, and is why our insulated picnic backpacks are the ideal solution for the times when you prefer to carry your gear in a “hands free” way, but also keep things cool.

Does this mean that you are going to be limited in the style and size where our insulated picnic backpacks are concerned? Not in the least! We have simple designs meant to serve the needs of one or two adults, but we also have luxury designs that will help to carry bottles of wine, blankets, thermoses, and all of the serving pieces for one or two people as well.

The way that most of our insulated picnic backpacks work is actually quite simple – the storage area is located nearest the straps and is lined with insulated materials that keep foods and beverages at the coolest temperatures possible (or can keep them warm if they are pre-heated and placed in the pack). The exterior “pockets” are designed like the interior spaces of many classic picnic hampers and have the straps and sleeves needed for glasses and cups, plates, cutlery, linens, and any additional accessories such as corkscrews, cutting boards, and more.

The exteriors of the insulated picnic backpacks may have one or two special “sleeves” that can keep wine bottles, thermoses, and rolled up blankets safe and dry, and can also have extra pockets for a few additional items as well.

The really fantastic thing about our insulated picnic backpacks is that they can coordinate with so many other picnic accessories and collections. For instance, you might opt to use our London Picnic Backpack with Blanket for 4 and your partner or friend can use the London Coffee Backpack for 2 in order to carry the desserts and additional foods. This would mean that you are traveling in style, carrying all of the plates and serving ware necessary, and all without also worrying about sore hands and an array of totes and shopping bags that could make a simple hiking trip a frustrating and tiring event.