Empty Picnic Baskets

Empty Baskets

Have you ever headed out for a picnic with a heavy cooler, various totes and plastic bags full of food, and yet another container for your plates, cups, and utensils? A lot of people have had this same experience, and while it might provide you with the means of getting what you need to a picnic site, it does so in an inefficient, awkward and unattractive way.

This is the main reason that so many people appreciate our assortment of empty baskets. They are available in the same colors and materials as many of our complete picnic collections and can be used to carry all of the necessary “extras” in an attractive and completely efficient manner.

For example, consider something like our darkly stained empty willow picnic baskets. These include our Traditional Rectangle Willow Dark Cooler Basket, our Cottage Willow Dark Cooler Basket, and our gorgeous Traditional Round Willow Dark Cooler Baskets. These are incredibly good looking woven empty baskets that will complement many of our fully stocked wicker hampers and baskets. They can contain the items that would not otherwise fit into the main or primary basket, but they will do so in a way that looks great and allows you to just toss in the items and go!

For instance, we already mentioned something like the Traditional Round Willow Dark Cooler Basket. This would be an ideal way to carry foods meant for the grill or things that must stay cold such as bowls of salads. This would free up the space in the regular picnic basket but also get the foods to the site in real style. The larger rectangular baskets are great for the blankets, linens, and taller bottles of red wine that wouldn’t need to be carried with the cold foods in the regular picnic hamper as well.

There is an almost endless array of possibilities for the willow empty baskets, but there are also polycanvas and collapsible options where these baskets are concerned too. These can coordinate nicely with many of our more contemporary picnic collections and be used for the same purposes. For instance, our Bold Collapsible Insulated Baskets and Collapsible Market Baskets match several of our most stylish collections and can serve as the ideal way to transport everything from blankets to hot dog buns.

When you are putting together your collection of picnic gear, make sure that you don’t forget the good looking empty baskets that can really complete your collection and provide you with a lot of style.