Coolers on Wheels

Coolers on Wheels

If there is something more convenient than large coolers on wheels we haven’t found it! These enable you to easily roll your largest picnic right to the perfect spot in the park, at the beach, or anywhere else! We feature a large assortment of coolers on wheels and it is a good idea to investigate them all as you begin building a collection of essential picnic equipment.

Though it may seem as if one of our large karts or trolleys might fit the bill, you will still want to see if you can benefit from some additional gear. For example, let’s say that invest in the massive Hamptons Deluxe Picnic Cooler on Wheels for 4. That would give you a tremendous amount of space for cold foods and would carry all of the place settings needed – including the wine glasses. What if you also wanted to include additional beverages and some bottled water too? This would put quite a “squeeze” on the cooler, and one of our Metro Kart Insulated coolers on wheels would probably be the wisest choice for your needs. This means that you have two coolers on wheels, but it also means you get maximum performance from the investment.

Not all of our coolers on wheels are fully equipped with place settings, blankets and additional accessories, however. There is our 32 Can Collapsible Cooler on Wheels that is also an ideal addition to your gear if you frequently head to the park, playground, or beach for a day outdoors. There is our Tango Picnic Trolley and the Cellar with Trolley that are also “neutral” pieces that can beautifully incorporate with many of our picnic collections as well.

Because we do make collections available, you may want to select your coolers on wheels after taking a look at the color coordinated sets already offered. For instance, a lot of people like the London Picnic Cooler for 4 because of its darker color scheme and convenient size. This is something that integrates nicely with several other of our styles and designs, but which would also work well with the neutral coolers we mentioned earlier.

When planning your picnic gear purchases try to think of the best ways to transport your food, gear, and beverages directly to the spot and without a lot of hassle or difficulty, and try to be sure that you rely on the wheeled coolers as often as possible.