Insulated Coolers

Have you ever tried to move a large cooler around on a beach? Have you struggled to move a full cooler while it sits on a grassy area? Traditional rigid coolers have to be much bulkier than seems necessary because of their insulation. They also tend to hold very little except the foods that need to be kept cold, and even then they might smash things together.

This is the reason to checkout our incredible array of insulated coolers. They are designed to serve all of your picnicking needs, but they can also be used for a variety of other functions. For example, we have personal lunch coolers that will easily transport your daily lunch or meal in a stylish manner, but which will also keep foods at optimal temperatures too. These have exterior pockets that can hold cutlery, napkins, and the foods that don’t need to be contained within the cooler.

We also feature backpack style insulated coolers for those who like to hike, walk, bicycle, or stroll to their picnic destinations with “hands free” style. This is a good way to also manage a larger picnic because you can tote many of the cold foods and beverages inside of the backpack while also using your hands to carry along the matching picnic basket too.

We feature a large number of picnic collections, and the insulated coolers can be easily coordinated with them to give you a very stylish look, even though you have selected the pieces for their reliability and efficiency.

vWhen you want to carry wine under the best conditions, we also make insulated coolers that can carry from one to four bottles at a time. Naturally, their function doesn’t end with carrying wine and most will feature pockets for wine accessories, and may even feature special areas for glasses, cheese boards, and a host of other picnic accompaniments.

If picnicking is your main focus, we have a large number of enormous insulated coolers that can contain food for a crowd, but which will also use exterior pockets to streamline the process of carrying your gear to the site. For instance, we have rolling coolers that use exterior pockets to hold up to four place settings – including glasses and napkins, but which do not give up food and beverage space in order to provide such a useful feature.

Many people also use insulated coolers for their summer or warmer weather shopping as this ensures the foods cannot spoil on a lengthy car trip home!