Cooler Backpacks

Backpack Coolers

Do you remember the last time you carted a full cooler to the beach, a local park, or an outdoor event? It was probably a very heavy and uncomfortable experience that stretched your fingers to their limits and didn’t actually provide you with the means of transporting much food. You may even have needed two people to tote the thing to its destination! These are the reasons we recommend our backpack coolers to those who enjoy picnicking in places where a long walk is essential.

Our cooler backpacks come in an impressive range of styles and designs, but all of them feature one main thing – an insulated “body” or compartment that keeps food and beverages at the coolest (or even the warmest) temperatures possible.

It helps to know that you should consider what style of backpack coolers you need before you begin a search. This is going to help to streamline the process, but it will also help you to really identify the features you must have. For example, there are a lot of empty backpack coolers that come with nothing but their insulated liners and the different compartments necessary for efficiency. This might be our Zuma Cooler Backpack that features a two-part design that positions the cooler in the bottom half and regular backpack storage in the upper compartment, or it could be our line of media coolers that have built in speakers or radios.

There are also many backpack coolers that come with all of the accessories necessary to serve a party of two to four people. For instance, we have complete picnic backpacks that have plates, cups, napkins, cutlery, cutting boards, knives, and more. These are a perfect “one-stop” solution for someone who is just beginning to do picnicking on a regular basis and who has not yet decided what sort of additional carrying pieces they need.

We also have one of the most innovative backpack coolers currently available, the Stadium Seat cooler that folds up into a backpack but which opens into a very stable and sturdy padded seat. The seat features a built-in cooler capable of holding food and snacks for a full day at the racetrack, sports arena, or even in a bus or vehicle!

Backpack coolers are a good way to reduce the amount of strain when toting large amounts of refrigerated goods to your picnicking spot. They use insulated fabrics instead of bulky insulated plastics and can let you get to your destination without difficulty, and always in good style!